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Here is the Guava extravaganza from Ginger Lab! Touches of lemon. A splash of honey. All ginger. Each growler contains 32oz of non-alcoholic ginger beer, made from fresh ginger and lemon. No preservatives or flavor extracts are added. Because Ginger Lab ginger beers are made from fresh ginger, there is a spicy kick to it. You can always add more sparkling water if it's too strong. Enjoy these ginger beers on their own or craft a cocktail with vodka, whiskey, rum, Prosecco, pisco etc. Really, whichever spirit you enjoy the most, we're almost certain it will taste great with any of these brews.

Ginger Lab takes a simple, but innovative approach to ginger beer, a non-alcoholic beverage popularized in the 18th century.  If you like the heat, this ginger beer's for you. Refreshing and crisp, Ginger Lab ginger beer leaves you with a fiery kick at the end. That’s because every ounce is delicately handcrafted using fresh ginger and fresh lemons in Santa Clara, California, and their small batches are not perfect until it has passed a strenuous taste test. The tiny bubbles of carbonation tickle your nose, and our ginger beer is sweetened by just enough organic cane sugar (and, in our seasonal flavors, pureed fruit), making it a balanced, embracing drink to enjoy on a hot day or cold day. While it’s called ginger “beer”, this ginger beer contains no alcohol and is even packed with vitamin C from the fresh lemons and ginger, so share it with everyone - even the kids! For the adults, you might try adding an ounce or two of whiskey for a delicious cocktail. Ginger beer is also excellent in helping to ease nausea, upset stomachs, and inflammation, as ginger is an anti-inflammatory chock full of antioxidants.  This magical root never ceases to amaze us!

Great taste comes from fresh ingredients.  Don't settle for anything less. Ginger Lab is owned and operated by Deb Chang, a Bay Area native and purveyor of all things delicious. When she's not in the kitchen mixing up new ginger beer flavors, she's busy making craft cocktails for family and friends.
Fresh ginger, Fresh lemon, Organic cane sugar, Sparkling water, Honey 120 calories per 12oz serving, 60-80g sugar per 32oz growler
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