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Coffee Whole Beans, Honduras Siguatepeque Single Origin, Proyecto Diaz, 12oz


This Siguatepeque is sourced from members of La Cooperativa Cafetalera Siguatepeque Limitada, a group of veggie farmers who decided to expand their farm production by growing coffee. The hustle is real.

Proyecto Diaz is founded by Fernando and his father, a family rooted in coffee. Their legacy begins in the early 1900’s when the Diaz family began growing coffee in the lush hills of Oaxaca, Mexico. As the years went on, the estate was divided up and passed to their great grandfather’s children. One of those children is their grandfather today, Juan Leovigildo Diaz, and for the past 70 years, he has been cultivating coffee on his farm, EL CARMEN. Initially, they saw the dedication and blind love that he had for his farm and the coffee it produced, no matter how much effort and loss it took to produce the crop. But they learned quickly that due to various environmental, economic, and cultural issues that confront the modern farmer, coffee agriculture isn’t a sustainable livelihood for a small producer such as their grandfather. Unfortunately, this is a story shared by many around the world.  And so, in 2014 Fernando and“Pops” set out to make coffee farming a viable livelihood for their grandfather and others like him. They started by putting 10% of their profit back into the farm in the hopes of rebuilding both grandfather’s farm and the Diaz legacy, and creating a direct bridge between coffee producer and coffee drinker. Welcome to the project—caffeinate with purpose.
100% Whole Bean Coffee
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