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Quick Questions

What is Zero?

Zero is an in-home grocery delivery service that is completely Zero waste, that means no plastic! We are a bunch of cool milkwomen who will come through once a week and refill your items! Everything comes in jars, tiffins, boxes or other forms of sustainable packaging. While you are at work or out with family and friends, we come through and fill em up’!

How does the Zero system work?

Zero couldn’t be easier! Buy a subscription for $25 a month and get to shopping. Select in our online store at which items you want as weekly refills. Checkout online for those items, a full size of each (e.g. sugar is 16oz). Each week our milkwomen will come by, enter your home and refill your groceries with our trusted carts, live in your kitchen! You will only get charged for what we dispense.

How do you deliver these groceries?

We use carts! We have a room on site in your building where we keep our carts and all the groceries for the day. We come around with our carts and believe it or not, they fit a lot of stuff! Everything is in bulk bins, so there are no individuals wrapped plastic items. We have scales on our carts and dispense right there, in your home. We leave the carts outside your apartment door, we do not roll them into your home. We wear sanitation gloves and booties when we enter your home.

Do you charge delivery fees?

No! Zero is just $25 a month and then the cost of the groceries your purchase for refill, we call it pay-as-you-go groceries. If we only dispensed $10 worth of groceries this week, you’ll just be charged $10. You can see the per oz price on every item. There is no other charge except $25 a month and the weekly amount we dispense.

Is Zero really cheaper? I want to see your prices before I commit.

Yes – we are pretty sure you will not find any of these well known items cheaper anywhere else. And unlike others, we let you browse our full inventory before deciding to try us out! $0 for delivery fees, $0 service fees $0 hidden fees, just $25 a month for the full service. If you add it up, with the cost of gas to the store or the delivery fees of other services you will find that when you take a selection of items from Zero, it’s cheaper overall. Our goal is to make groceries plastic free and accessible to all so we got rid of the middlemen, the markups and levelled the playing field.

What do I get for $25 a month?

$25 is just your subscription. This covers the cost of delivery, transportation and paying our milkwomen a fair wage. This $25 does not include any groceries. Those are charged separately. For the first shop, you will buy the items in our Zero store right here at Then every week we will dispense that item and charge you per oz.

Do I have to be home?

No, we usually deliver between 8.30am-6.30pm and try to co-ordinate our milkwoman refills while you are at work so we everything is set for your return home. If you want to be home you can. We want to create a tranquil, peaceful environment where everything you need is always stocked!

Can I have Zero without giving you permission to enter?

Unfortunately no. Zero is the first ever zero waste in-home grocery delivery refill service. In order to fulfil the service, our milkwomen need a way of getting in. To avoid the use of plastics and things like gel packs, cool packs and wasteful packing materials, we designed a system for in-home refills. That is also why we partner with the building you live in for a trust, secure on-demand service.

What is a milkwoman?

These are the awesome people who come by and do your deliveries! Today they are Zuleyka the founder and Shawna, Head of Ops and Zero#1. We actually call them milk(wo)men. We support all genders, races and religions and are not confined to just women.

Are these milkwomen safe and background checked?

Yes! Today we are just two milkwomen, Zuleyka the founder and Shawna, Head of Ops and the first hire at Zero. As we grow, all our milkwomen and milkmen are background checked. We work with them personally to ensure the highest degree of service, safety and trust possible. You will know who your milkwomen are ahead of time and if for any reason there will be a change of milkwoman, we’ll let you know. Usually each building has a dedicated team of milkwomen doing the rounds!

Do I have to live in a partner building to get the service? I want Zero but I don’t live at one of the buildings you service.

Unfortunately, to get Zero today, you need to live in one of our partner buildings. This allows us to service in a controlled environment where we get to know you an you get to know us! One day we’ll be able to service a lot more people but for today, it’s only for the lucky folks in our partner buidings. We work with building management in every building and are endorsed by the building you live in as the resident in-home grocery delivery station. BUT you can buy just the jars, no matter where you live if you want to be part of the Zero experience.

Refills and Permission to Enter

How do you enter my home?

This all depends on what building you live in. But shopping with Zero you agree to give us permission to enter so we can complete the service. Some buildings you have an app to let us in, some buildings we have a key system. We have worked with your building to ensure effective access. As soon as you sign up for Zero, we will be able to enter the following week for delivery. The best way to discuss this with us is to text “ZERO” to 888111 and we will work with you on entering your home.

Can I choose when you come round?

We usually have delivery days for your building. For example, Weds, Fri and Saturday. We will tell you what day you have been assigned and then stick to that same day every week – it’s your Zero-day! There will be some items that require a specific delivery window, like our fresh Italian Foccacia that is only available on Saturdays. If your refill day is Friday, don’t worry, we just come by on Saturday to drop off the Focaccia.

Do you knock when you enter? How do I know you are coming?

When we come by we knock and ring the bell. We also send a text when we are entering and another when we leave. If we knock and no one answers, we assume you are not in and enter to do the refills. They usually take about 5 minutes to complete. You are more then welcome to be there when we come by, the first week or every week if you so wish!

I have pets, will you still enter?

Yes, if you have a pet, we will still enter. However if we encounter a hostile or aggressive environment, we will not enter.

Will the same milkwomen come every week?

Each community is serviced by a group of milkwomen, it will be one of those milkwomen who service your home. Today, Zuleyka the founder and Shawna the Head of Ops are the ones doing the milk rounds! You will be notified of any new milkwomen in your community. All milkwomen are background checked and verified. We try to keep the original milkwomen you are assigned servicing your home. If for any reason you wish to discuss our milkwomen with us, please text “ZERO” to 888111.

I ordered items that are being refilled weekly, but now there is an item I don’t want anymore

No problem! Just text us at “ZERO” to888111 and we can amend your weekly basket as needed. You can add or remove items each week as you wish. You canno remove an item from the weekly refills online at You need to text us to do that.

I have a problem with one of my food items. Do something about it please.

If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase or the food being refilled each week you can alert us at any time and we would be happy to replace that item or refund it completely, no questions, no time limit.

What is your refund policy?

The customer is always right. If you don’t like it, want it or there is a problem we will take it back, replace it or stop serving you that item. We have high standards and if any of our products doesn’t meet your standards, tell us and we’ll sort it. Best thing is, we’ll come round and deal with it, that’s what’s great about being in your building!

Does everything come in jars?

Where possible, everything comes in a jar. But there are some items that come ready packed like our jams or nut butters – for health & safety purposes we do not refill those live. We switch these out every time.

There is still some food in my nut butter jar or my jam jar. What happens when you come to refill?

We leave than jar, which just give you a full new jar or the new product. Any empty jars you no longer want, we take back.

What do I do with my milk crate?

Use the milk crate we first deliver your groceries in to put back empty jars you no longer want or for refills. The jars will be switched out for a new jar. Use the crate to make it easier for us to service by leaving all empties for us inside.

Where do I put the empty jars?

Put them in your milk in an easy to find place in the kitchen. You can also line up your jars on the kitchen counter and leave the milk crate beside it. This also helps us with refills. You can also give us a designated cupboard for your jars and milk crate that we open every week.

I forgot to put my jars out. Eek.

It’s ok, we’ll open the kitchen cupboards to locate the jars and refill them. As we fill the fridge, we also check inside the fridge for empty jars.

Are the jars clean? How do you clean them?

We run all jars through a commercial grade washer, like any restaurant or packing facilitate to sanitize them. A new jar is sterilized but please note they do not come “sterile” meaning they have been exposed to air and transported to your door like any jar you’d buy in the store. They are not suitable for those requiring sterilized receptacles for baby.

What happens to chilled items?

We pop them straight into your fridge. We don’t do ice packs, gel packs or any wasteful packing materials. That is why the Zero service exists.

I broke a jar by accident. Will I be charged?

If you break a jar we will not charge you. If you smash all the jars up, in one giant rage, we will. Please be respectful of our jars. We want to avoid unnecessary charges.

Does my building support this? Do they know about Zero?

Zero would not be able to function if we did not work with your building and they did not support and endorse the service. We keep our carts on site 24/7, we use your building to bring product in and we service as many of your neighbors as possible. We want to build community and pt a little spin on the good old days, so our milkwomen are fired up and ready to serve you!

Cancelling or Pausing Service

Is there a cancellation fee?

No way! You can cancel at any time. It’s $25 a month for the service and the groceries are pay-as-you-go. If you no longer want the service, we simply end the weekly deliveries. You won’t be billed for next month and we’ll take back the jars. The easiest way is to text “ZERO” to 888111 to cancel.

I am cancelling. What happens to my jars?

We’d be sad if you decided to leave. But if you cancel the service we take back the jars by entering your home for one last time. If we cannot access the jars and take them back you will be charged the cost of the jars. If we can get access to the jars, you are not liable for any further costs. You will not be refunded for any food that remains in the jars.

I am going on vacation. I need to pause my items.

Our rule is simple, if its not full, we fill it. If you are going on vacation or are away for the week let us know and we can refill pantry items but not replace fresh items like milk or bread. Once you are back, we will begin servicing those items again. We can also stop servicing completely, but you will still be liable for the $25 a month subscription. You would need to end the service if you do not wish to be charged a subscription amount. You can always text “ZERO” to 888111 to cancel or pause the service.


How do you know what to refill?

We always fill a jar right back up to the top. If sugar is 16oz, and only 1oz has been used, we will refill 1oz and charge you for 1oz of sugar. Likewise, if you used all 16oz, we will refill all 16oz, right back to the top.

How do you weigh the items?

We come with our trusty scales and carts! We weigh every jar, tare it, and add more product. We go by the weight of product not the weight of the jar. So 16oz of sugar may be in a slightly jar, because we are giving you exactly 16oz of sugar.

I need more of a certain item! Help!

Text us at “ZERO” to 888111, we will just bump you up to a bigger jar.

How can I add more items to my weekly refills?

Texting us is the easiest way! Feel free to just text us and tell us which items you want to add on. Then next week, those items will be included in your refills. We will bring a full size container like we did with the first time you received the other items! You are always free to go online to and browse items and checkout this way as well. Purchasing anything online indicates a refill and we will start refilling those items every single week.

Can I do a one time purchase? There are items I want, but I do not want them every week. I just want them today, and it’s not my delivery day.

No problem! If there is an item you want as a one time purchase, just text us and we will deliver it one time only as long as it’s on one of the delivery days for your building – right now those are most likely to be Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Do not checkout for the item online at as this indicates you want the item as a refill..

How does tax work?

You are not charged tax on food. You are taxed on non-food items like laundry detergent. The tax is built into these prices.

I like the jars, can I buy just those?



How do I checkout for my first grocery shop?

Once you have purchased subscription at, you can place your first grocery order. By purchasing, you are signalling what you require as weekly refills. We will then come by every week and refill those items.

How do you then charge me for the refills thereafter?

Once we have delivered the first weeks grocery shopping, from week two we will start coming by for the refills. When you checkout the first time, we have your credit cars details. We use Stripe as our credit card processor. We do not store you credit card details and cannot access your personal information. Your credit card details are encrypted. We can then charge your card each week for the groceries we dispense, a different amount each week. You will be emailed a receipt once we have completed the weekly refill.

Do you have penalties?

No way! If you are going on vacation, or happen to come for weekly refills and nothing needs refilling, you won’t be charged that week.

Zero Waste

What is Zero waste?

Zero waste is a purposeful dedication to living a life that produces no waste. That means no packaging, no single-use plastic. Many zero-wasters explicitly focus on living without any plastic in their lives and focus on what we call “precycling”. Considering 90% of your daily waste comes from food consumption, here at Zero our focus is eliminating trash in the first instance. So we created a new way of shopping groceries that produces no waste.

What is the zero waste philosophy

Refuse, reduce, reuse, rot & recycle. Start by refusing as much as possible, that means especially single-use plastics! We got you on that one. Then reduce your waste. Reusing is key – that is why we use jars and reusable containers. Then rot – that means compost. Finally, recycling is the last resort!

How strict are you about single-use plastic?

Very. Nothing we pass onto you has plastic. Not only single use plastic, but anything that fuels an economy centred on producing more plastic for the purposes of consumption.

What is your deal with paper?

We focus on reducing paper. Very few of our products call for paper – the toilet paper is 100% bamboo but it individually wrapped in paper to avoid plastic and ensure the tissue remains sanitary. The spaghetti comes in a cardboard sleeve. Our breads and croissants come in a paper bag, again to maintain freshens and ensure they are safe in transportation and dispatch. If you have more ideas on how we can reduce the use of paper and card, please let us know!

Contacting Us

How do I text you?

Text “ZERO” to 888111. Once you have messaged us once, no need to text the word “ZERO” anymore, now we can chat! Text us 24/7, 365.

Can I telephone you?

We are millenials, so that means we don’t like talking on the phone. Joke. Just text. But if something needs to be discussed we can jump on a call. You cannot call our textline, “ZERO” to 888111, this is for text only. When you text, we have your number so if you would like us to call you, we can.

Can I email?

Texting “ZERO” to 888111 is the fastest way to get hold of us. But you can always email We are here to answer your questions!

What is your social media handle



I wanna be a milk(wo)man!

Yay! Text us, “ZERO” to 888111 let’s make it happen. If you live in one of our partner buildings or close by, let us know! W are on the look out for more milk(wo)men all the time.


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