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Working together for a better future


I started Zero as a young married woman balancing a hectic work life and trying to live zero plastic. Frankly, it was a nightmare. I had to sacrifice a lot of time and money to become zero waste! I knew there had to be a better way to stop ingesting micro-plastics, improve my health and do my part for the planet. That better way is Zero.

Zuleyka, founder of Zero

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Our mission

The Zero mission is super simple. If 90% of global plastic waste comes form food consumption, let’s fix the way we consume food. Let’s eat clean, healthy and cheaper than ever before and save the oceans whilst doing it. We are leading the zero-plastic movement, one pantry at a time.

Everyone always told us that convenience and environmentalism don’t go together. We are calling bullshit on that.  We are proving that you can have what you want, when you want it, without ruining the planet. In fact, you can make it better by shopping Zero.

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Our team

Meet the Zero team! Zuleyka is the founder of Zero, originally from London and with a career in politics and tech, she set about changing the way we shop forever. Shawna is team member #1 and in charge of all the Ops! A California native and a pioneer at Instacart, she loves all things food, wine & grocery, is deeply committed to issues of environmentalism and is excited to service our Zero community! Together, we are the badasses making this happen…

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Start using Zero and reduce your waste to nothing

We need millions doing zero plastic imperfectly not a few hundred doing it perfectly. But we're all gonna need a little help getting there! Hello Zero

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